McIntyre donates 1000 tickets to see Arnie to New England residents

Federal seat of New England Candidate Jamie McIntyre is  donating 1000 tickets to New England  residents to hear former governor and Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger speak at Mr McIntyre’s his 21st Century Financial Education Summit in Sydney on June 13 or Melbourne on June 14.

Jamie McIntyre, founder and CEO of the 21st Century Group of companies, hosts the Financial Education Summit annually. In the past there have been keynote speakers such as Richard Branson and Randi Zuckerberg. This year McIntyre is flying down Mr Schwarzenegger to be the main speaker at the event.

Mr McIntyre said the reason he was happy to donate 1000 tickets to New England residents, apart from contributing back to the community he has come from, is because he believes education is the key to future prosperity for the region, and is part of his agenda released in his 21st Century Australia Regional and New England Policy to turn New England into an education capital.

“Being an educator for the last 15 years and having educated over half a million people from 17 different countries has made me release how critical the right education is to transform people lives,” Mr McIntyre said.

“Financial education that particularly should have been taught at school but wasn’t.”

Those who make the trip to Sydney to attend the Financial Education Summit will also learn from the likes of Mark Bouris of Yellow Brick Road and Celebrity Apprentice and five other key speakers including ex NBA basketball player Eric Bailey and a gentleman who has had lunch on the deck of the titanic and has been to space as a trained Russian Cosmonaut.

Mr McIntyre said attendees would also learn the psychology required to be successful and leading edge strategies to help attendee achieve pay rises, start new businesses or build investment portfolios.

To claim the free tickets (maximum of two) go to or phone 1800 999 270. The events run from 9am until around 9.30pm. Mr Schwarzenegger won’t be speaking until an unconfirmed time after 5.30pm.

Arnie Schwarzenegger will be in Australia for the 21st Century business education summit

Arnie Schwarzenegger will be in Australia for the 21st Century business education summit