A one-point defeat

A late try couldn’t deliver Glen Innes-Guyra a win in their final home game for the season. 

From the get-go, the GhostStags were behind on the scoreboard from the start as the visitors raced away to score three unanswered tries. 

It wasn’t until later in the match Glen-Guyra managed to sneak back into the game. 

A late try brought the scoreline to 15-14 but it wasn’t enough. 

GhostStags’ player Henry Burridge said the start was just too slow for his side and they were lucky not to concede more points. 

“We did well to hold them to what we did because they had the wind behind them,” he said. 

“They scored three tries and missed all their conversions, if they kicked their goals and got all the points they could have it could have been a lot bigger scoreline.

“We rushed our attack and then we are too slow in defence, that's what causes most our problems.” 

When they were down by three tries on the scoreboard, the side could have given up but Burridge said the recent history between the sides helped bring Glen-Guyra back into the game. 

“We had a bit of motivation because we played them twice before in games we could have won,” he said. 

“I think in the two games we played them previously we let go of bigger chances than this game but that was their best football they played in the three games we played.”

The GhostStags were given the rough end of the stick on a couple of calls during the round 13 game. 

“We were a bit upset because we got that red card the week before to our prop for lifting in a tackle and Barbarians, one of their players, did exactly the same thing and he got a yellow,” Burridge said. 

“That cost our prop three weeks and we are short on front row stocks as it is. 

“I feel a lot of the games we play, it's never in our favour. 

“It must be the brand of football we play.” 

The side have the bye this Saturday before playing the final game of the regular season against Robb College in Armidale on July 22. 

The last time they met, the GhostStags came up against a depleted Robb side through university holidays and walked away with the points. 

Burridge expects the students to be a lot better in the next game. 

“We got lucky in that game at Guyra to beat them,” he said. 

“They are going to play Baa Baas this weekend, it just depends on what happens in that game. 

“Teams have come off losses a lot stronger the following week. 

“It is a bit of lucky dip the whole thing.”

Although St Albert’s College have been the dominant team this season, Burridge isn’t writing off any opposing sides. 

“Anyone can win from here out apart from the team that comes fifth but saying that if Albies play their best footy they will be pretty hard to beat,” he said. 

“I think we will give Robb a pretty good contest but it will be hard in Armidale so close to finals. 

“Whoever plays strongest on the day will come away with it.”