UFO sightings

THERE could be a few explanations for the strange lights that have appeared on the Emmaville Road in recent weeks, but according to Jennifer Lear who reported her sightings to the Examiner, she’s not the only one to have seen them and not the only one who believes they are extra-terrestrial.

Ms Lear claims that on a few occasions she has seen very bright lights ahead of her on the road, far too bright to be car headlights and too low to the ground to be an aircraft.

Her first sighting a few weeks ago was around 8pm and about 8kms from Glen Innes on the Emmaville Road.

“When I first saw the light I initially thought it was a car with very bright lights and it seemed to be about ¾ of a kilometre in front of me. As I got closer to it just suddenly disappeared.

“I thought it strange but didn’t give it much thought until I saw the lights again, this time a little later at night and from the rear.

“Again very bright lights, a little further north of the last sighting, around Rummerys Hill.

“Again they just suddenly disappeared.”

Ms Lear only decided to report her sightings after she had a conversation with her hairdresser about the odd lights and was told that a couple of truck drivers had mentioned similar experiences.

“One of the drivers initially thought what he was looking at was a shooting star.

“If I’m not the only one seeing these lights then I believe they could be UFOs.

“I’ve never felt frightened, I just find it really interesting and wondering if anyone else has had a similar encounter along that road.”

Ms Lear reported her sighting to the Aviation Department’s UFO Research Centre and after a quick google discovered that a report had been lodged from Emmaville with the UFO Research Queensland in 2001.

It stated that on October 9 a man and his son were fossicking when they saw a big light coming over the trees on the horizon. Twenty seconds later it was over the top of them, and then disappeared.

It was glowing white hot like a search light. It was much brighter than the evening star and 4 to 5 times larger.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone with similar experiences. Who knows, there may something out there, watching!

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