Elusive gnomes are hiding in the library

Be on the hunt for gnomes Glen Innes, as the second year of the Glen Innes Severn Public and Tafe library’s gnome hunt is coming up once again.

In the second year of the hunt children will be collecting clues from businesses and then heading to the library to figure out the clues.

Starting on July 14 children can pick up their first clue from The Bee’s Knees.

This clue will lead them to the library catalogue, where they will have to use the Dewey decimal classification system to find the book where gnome number one is hiding.

The Dewey decimal classification system is a general knowledge organisational tool which was named after Melvil Dewey and is used in libraries all over the world.

Once found the library goers will get a sticker on their gnome hunt sheet ready for round number two.

On July 21 children can pick up their second clue from Shoes at Kwong Sings.

If you are the first hunter to track down both gnomes you will win a $20 iTunes card.

Library Assistant Navanka Fletcher said to enter the gnome hunt you must be a library member.

“The gnome hunt is to encourage children to use the library and to teach them the skills to use the library catalogue,” she said.

Children who find both gnomes will take home a participation bag, but July 31 will be the last day to hunt for gnomes in the library.

Becoming a library member is easy and free, call in to the library with an adult and grab a form from any of the staff members.