Glenrac keeping country people fit

GLENRAC and Rural Fit are launching the Friends with Health Benefits program to help farmers improve their physical fitness and overall health.

The launch of the program coincides with GLENRAC’s Fit Farmers event at the Deepwater Tennis Club from 10am on September 10, which is also R U OK day.

Andrew Mahony from Rural Fit, Stuart Brummell from the Rural Financial Counselling Service and psychologist Anne Edwards from Healthwise (formerly Medicare Local) will all be speaking at the Fit Farmers event, which will also have a free barbeque lunch.

The Friends with health benefits program can focus on weight loss, strength training, improving cardiovascular fitness, stress management, improving sleep, reducing fatigue, flexibility and joint stability, pain and injury management, and management and prevention of metabolic conditions including diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension.

Over three months the 12 participants are able to access an online group forum and phone calls with the Rural Fit team.

Project Manager at GLENRAC Pamela Benton said this program is a little different than what GLENRAC normally offers.

“But we know that regardless of how well you run your stock, operate your property and manage your business, if your health is compromised, you aren’t able to work to your full ability,” she said.

“Your health is really important and people neglect it.

”Statistics from the National Rural Health Alliance Inc. (2011) indicate that only 30 percent of the Australian population have sufficient physical activity for health benefits.”

 “This is a major public health concern, and given that rural people are more likely to be sedentary than their metropolitan counterparts, people in our area need to be more active.”

Rural Fit Practice Manager Michelle Morgan said the service gives a bit of structure and independence to farmers who want to be healthier.

"It's an opportunity for people to have access to support and accountability," she said.

"it's one on one support, working at their own pace, with an individual plan."

The Friends with health benefits program has no travel requirements, no special equipment needs and is said to take no longer than 30 minutes from your busy day. 

The program is target to farmers in the district however if you contact GLENRAC they can add your name to a waitlist.

GLENRAC is able to offer this program free of charge thanks to generous support from the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

Places are strictly limited register online, phone 6732 3443 or email

To find out more information about the program contact rural fit 6765 9866.