Community mourns the loss of local legend

Noel Slade.

Noel Slade.

The name Noel Slade was synonymous with sport in Glen Innes. 

Whether it was rugby league, horse racing or lawn bowls, Noel was local sport’s biggest fan and contributor. 

Noel passed away on Monday and will always be remembered for his enthusiasm towards all things local and country sport. 

Born and raised in the Celtic capital, he was secretary at the jockey club for 22 years, held the positions of secretary and president of the bowling club as well as playing and winning many championships. 

Noel started the All Schools Sports Carnival with Pat Timbs and was the secretary there as well. 

He broadcast his local sports program on Saturdays at 2NZ and wrote columns for the Glen Innes Examiner. 

Noel and his wife Deirdre ran Slade’s Cash N Carry corner store for 27 years. 

Noel and Deirdre’s son, Scott Slade, said his father will always be remembered for his devotion and loyalty to the sports community. 

“His biggest passion was sport in Glen Innes,” he said. 

“I have realised over the last 15-20 years, he was passionate about Glen Innes itself and sport in particular. 

“Any sport in Glen Innes he just loved and he helped as many people as he could to get as best as they could and as far as they could. 

“He helped them out and if he thought there were footballers that were pretty good he would get in contact with blokes in Sydney and push them through.

“I always remember him ringing up people all the time trying to get results from the weekend sport or if someone had gone away doing something he was always ringing them up and chasing them up on how they went, just really trying to do the best he could for the people of Glen and their sport.”

Noel played rugby league, lawn bowls and often attended local race meets. 

“Whenever I used to go with him to the races, it was just astounding how many people he knew, just known everywhere he was,” Scott said. 

“He has lived here all his life, he has lived in the same street all his life.

“He is a bit of a local identity, all right. 

“Anyone that's been here for more than 20 years, or even less than that, would know him.

“He will be sorely missed.” 

Scott said Noel and Deirdre always lent people a hand and got involved with as much as possible. 

“They always helped people out all the time, the elderly, this was before we had Woolworths and all the big stores here,” he said. 

“They were always doing deliveries after hours and helping people out.”

Noel’s funeral will be on Friday at 11am at Holy Trinity Church.