Phelan lucky

Rochelle Maybon is Phelan Lucky.

Rochelle Maybon is Phelan Lucky.

Rochelle Maybon is getting on board with a movement that started in the UK with a woman wearing the samePhelan Lucky t-shirt for more than 365 days straight (in multiple versions of the same design, of course.)

“She wore it to weddings, functions, work, everywhere,” Mrs Maybon said.

For the past three years people from all over the globe have been purchasing and sporting their Phelan Lucky t-shirts to help raise awareness for the rare genetic syndrome called Phelan-McDermid Syndrome.

While not quite dedicating a year to the endeavour, Mrs Maybon has just completed a month of wearing the shirt every day, and plans another assault in November.

It’s all about educating people on the syndrome which results from a deletion or malformation of part of gene 22, leading to a myriad of medical conditions. Mrs Maybon’s son Logan is wheelchair-bound, non-verbal, requires a pureed diet and is developmentally-delayed.

While awareness of the syndrome is proportionally high in Glen Innes thanks to community efforts to help the family, Mrs Maybon is happy to proudly wear the Phelan Lucky t-shirt to do her bit to raise the profile of the rare condition even further. Make sure to acknowledge her efforts when you next  see her around town Phelan Lucky.