Council gets grant to aid native species

It might look like wasteland but roadside vegetation is a great natural asset and the council has now won a $45,000 grant to improve its management.

Part of the task will be to persuade passers-by that removing dead timber is not acceptable. The verges are seen as a reserve and fallen trees provide shelter for native animals, particularly reptiles, birds and insects.

The verges are often havens of native species and also useful for cattle during droughts.  Birds use the reserves as stepping stones of native species as they travel, islands providing them with acceptable food.  

Some of the money will be used to asses the state of the reserves, particularly the ones deemed high conservation areas.  Some maintenance will be undertaken to protect native species.  

The grant is provided by the NSW Environmental Trust.  Glen Innes Severn Council General Manager, Hein Basson, welcomed the money.  He said the survey which it will finance will help the council “update the values of the natural assets in our roadside reserves”.  Mayor Steve Toms said:  “It will enable better long term management of roadsides” without directly costing the council money.