Emmaville couple set up as “Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioners"

Anne Carter, a "biofield pratctioner" and patient, Marg Correy from Glen Innes.

Anne Carter, a "biofield pratctioner" and patient, Marg Correy from Glen Innes.

An Emmaville couple have set up a business trying to cure people of depression by using tuning forks.

John and Anne Carter were at a special public exhibition of “alternative medicine” held at Glen Innes Town Hall on Sunday.

Anne waved tuning forks around a patient to find vibrations which were meant to neutralise bad energy.  

Mainstream scientists do not endorse these methods nor is there proof which is accepted by most scientists that they are effective.

But John said: “What it's meant to do is to heal people emotionally from depression”.

His theory – imported from America – is that there is a six foot zone around people and different parts of that zone are affected by bad events in your life.

Waving the tuning fork around the person, “neutralises a lot of adverse energy that causes you concern”, he said.

Their brochure says: “Biofield tuning uses sound waves created by tuning forks to rebalance the energy field surrounding our bodies.”

The patient relaxes on a massage table or in the Town Hall on Sunday, in a chair and the practitioner vibrates a tuning fork all around.  On Sunday, the “Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner” was Anne Carter. The theory is that the fork starts vibrating more when it encounters negative energy.

While the Examiner was there on Sunday, there was no evidence of this happening.

Each session costs the patient $90. John Carter, who used to be a car mechanic, said that for practitioners to learn to practice “biofield tuning” from the American guru would cost $2,400. – but once you were certified by her or her approved people, you could take on patients.  

It is very like a franchise operation where the developer of the theory in the United States passes on the technique in return for money. The practitioners can then charge patients for whatever benefit their skills impart.