Community can make it happen

FUN AND COLOUR: There are activities for everyone, not just avid sportsmen and women.
FUN AND COLOUR: There are activities for everyone, not just avid sportsmen and women.

Armidale gets a colour run and Tamworth gets the glow hard run, but Glen Innes often misses out. 

A variety of activities.

A variety of activities.

One local is looking to change that and bring something even more unique to the town. 

Navanka Fletcher has put in a bid for a giant, inflatable obstacle course – Rumble Run – to come to Glen Innes.

It’s a 330-metre course where participants have to navigate through giant inflatable obstacles to finish. 

Fletcher created the ‘Bring Rumble Run to Glen Innes’ Facebook group and within one day 1500 people had joined. 

“Glen Innes gets missed in all the events that get round, especially all the sporting ones that get round,” she said. 

”There's heaps of fitness people in Glen Innes, the gyms are always full and everyone always travels to these events.

“I think one of these events would be really successful in Glen Innes because not only would everyone in the town support it but we would get travellers from everywhere, so it would be really good for the tourism.”

Sydney company Fun Events earned the rights to bring Rumble Run to Australia, but it will only be here for eight months. 

If the community help Glen Innes secure the rights to host, it could be a major coup for the town. 

“It's something really unique, you can go to a colour run anywhere a few times a year but you can only go to the Rumble Run next year,” Fletcher said. 

“It is a giant jumping castle so it doesn't matter if you aren't into sport, you can still have fun on it.”

Fletcher’s group experienced such a rapid rise in popularity it caught the eye of organisers who jumped on board and have already looked dates and locations. 

“The racecourse looks like a really good venue from what I can tell. It looks big enough and clear enough and has car parking spots,” Fun Events chief executive Adam McDonald said. 

The other attraction for hosting a Rumble Run is Fun Events source a local charity and donate a portion of the ticket takings to it. 

“We will work with some local charities, we usually try to work with charities wherever we go, local ones not national ones,” McDonald said. 

All the town has to do is click the ‘interested’ button on the Rumble Run New England EOI page and if 2000 people sign up when the $1 pre-sale goes up, the event will happen.