Glen Innes firearms dealer thinks most weapons handed in were worthless

Nick Ward with surendered weapons.
Nick Ward with surendered weapons.

Was the gun amnesty worth it?  Glen Innes fire-arms dealer, Nick Ward, thinks it was – but not to get guns out of the hands of criminals.

“The drug dealers in Sydney haven’t handed in their weapons”, he said.

“It’s just given legal people the opportunity to make sure they comply with the law”.

He said that about 60 guns had been handed into his store on Grey Street but most of them were “old rusty bits of rubbish”.  A few people came in to register functioning weapons.

“Politicians had visions of criminals handing in fire-arms but from what I have seen – and I’ve talked to other dealers – it’s mostly been clearing up old stuff left in sheds.

“It hasn’t really taken guns out of the hands of criminals”.