"He's a very lucky man"

Last week's caravan fire.
Last week's caravan fire.

The fire brigade was called to a truck fire near Glen Elgin to the east of Glen Innes in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

When they got there, the driver had extinguished it with a towel.  Fire officers said he was a very lucky man.

Captain Earl Sharman of Fire & Rescue NSW said it seems to have started in a locker in the cab while the vehicle was moving and smoke then got up into the driving and sleeping area.  

The driver stopped and grabbed a towel and put it out.

It seems the blaze started because the truck which was carrying a load of sugar had just been climbing a steep hill in the Gibraltar Range.  That may have heated the exhaust which passes near the compartment where the fire started.

In a separate incident, firefighters from Glen Innes put out a caravan fire at the end of last week.  Just after midnight on October 6, they were called to the blaze on a property just north of town on the New England Highway.

Two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a hose to bring it under control.  The caravan was empty at the time.

An electrical fault may have been to blame.  A 210 kilogram gas cylinder was leaking from around the valve and the firefighters also sorted this out.