Final preparations for big event on Sunday

Mike Stone (red jersey) and Greg Doman, organisers of the ride for cancer research.
Mike Stone (red jersey) and Greg Doman, organisers of the ride for cancer research.

Lycra shorts ready! Tires pumped up!  Saddle nicely softened!

Preparations are well underway for the big charity bike rides on Sunday in aid of cancer research.

The events start from first thing in the morning at  West Avenue, opposite Anzac Park, and proceed through the day, culminating in a ride involving top cyclists.

It’s the idea of Mike Stone who has watched his wife, Vicki, fight fiercely against cancer and decided that the scientific knowledge which has helped her should be funded with more money that he wants to raise.

“The research has kept Vicki with me,” he said.

The full program involves a series of rides and races for cyclists of all ages and abilities.

The day in aid of breast cancer research starts with a ride from Glen Innes to Red Range and back.  It’s open to adults and children older than 16, with registration at 7 am in West Avenue, opposite Anzac Park.

The next event is a gentler ride (on bikes, trikes or skates) around Anzac Park. It is open to adults and children under 16 provided they are accompanied by an adult. Registration is from 10:00 am and the ride starts at 10.30.

There are then two demanding races, one for women and children aged over 14 but under 16 and the second for men and children aged over 16.  The first starts at 11.45 and the second at 1 pm.  Both last 45 minutes.

The final race of the day is for top-class cyclists.  It starts at 2.15 and the organisers say it ”continues for 45 minutes of heart thumping riding and quick sprints.  This ride is restricted to experienced bicycle race riders that have relevant club and state affiliations.”

Cancer research will benefit.