Tavern Terrors on target

Ryan Parker, Neil Parker, Greg Wilkins, Dean Swaffer and Ray Grob.
Ryan Parker, Neil Parker, Greg Wilkins, Dean Swaffer and Ray Grob.

Glen Innes Darts League has a new champion after a tightly contested grand final on Tuesday. 

Last year’s runners-up, Imperial 1, were denied any chance of making amends for last year’s decider loss when they played the second-placed Tavern Terrors. 

Ryan Parker, Neil Parker, Greg Wilkins, Dean Swaffer and Ray Grob’s team finished victorious, beating Imperial 5-2. 

The competition runs for 20 weeks and had 10 teams battling for trophy success in this year’s event. 

Wilkins started the competition last year and said it was met with plenty of enthusiasm in the local community. 

“This is only the second year. I started it up last year,” he said. 

“We have 10 teams in the competition, 10 teams last year and we got 10 again this year. 

“It is held at each of the pubs; it is a home and away competition.”

Wilkins hopes the competition continues to grow in strength and numbers.

He said all signs point to it becoming tougher every year with a variety of ages participating. 

“It seemed to be a bit of a stronger competition this year, it came down to the last round to make sure everybody got into the finals,” he said. 

“There's only one competition running at the moment, a social competition at the RSL on a Friday night. 

“There's one run at the Club Hotel too but it is dwindling away, they are all heading down to the RSL.”

After his team bowed out early in the finals series last year, Wilkins said it was good to get the victory this year. 

“We beat the team that won the grand final last year so they have lost two years in a row.”

“We made the finals but we got knocked out in the first round of the finals last year but we have a completely different team this year.

It isn’t the first time Glen Innes has held a darts competition, with previous tournaments having as many as 26 teams take part. 

“I think we will [get back up to that figure],” Wilkins said. 

“Probably not quite that high but I think we will improve as the years go on because there is a lot of dart players in this town that don't get to play.”

This year’s competition was contested by Imperial 1, 2 and 3, the Terrors, Clubbo Hazzards, Bowling Club, RSL Tons of Bull, NEC Patriots, NEC Nomads and the Tavern Titans.