Shoe Box Sunday delivers 186 parcels

The idea is simple: pack a shoe box with presents and send it to children who might not otherwise get a Christmas gift.

Or, in the case of Glen Innes, pack 186 shoe boxes – 109 for girls and 77 for boys – each with six items: something to wear, something to love, something special, something for school, something to play with, and something for personal hygiene.

It was part of an operation called “Christmas Child” which aims to give deprived children across South East Asia a Christmas present. 

In Glen Innes, a host of groups came together to celebrate and to pray over the assembled boxes before they were dispatched to various parts of the world.

Jennifer Henry who attends the Baptist church (Crossroads) on Cross Street in Glen Innes said about a previous effort: “One detail that sticks in my mind is how a little boy in Fiji reacted to receiving a pair of long woolly football socks.”