Glen Innes High School gears up for the big show

It’s a big number production in anybody’s book. “Grease” became a cult movie in the late 70s, with a string of songs that everyone on the planet seemed to be singing.

Now it’s coming to the stage of the Chapel Theatre in a slick version with high production values.

There are 17 big roles in the Glen Innes High School production, with two principles as the sweet-hearts from either side of the tracks. They negotiate their class difference and teenage angst through dance and music.

There’s an eight piece band and a chorus of a dozen plus 15 to 20 dancers.

Producer Alok Pisharody (a maths teacher in his other life) said that the original was about nostalgia for the 50s so he’s up-dated it to be nostalgic for the 80s – another decade, he claims, for good music.

Some people, he feels, will like the revision and some won’t.

What you can’t doubt is that the music is terrific and the cast looked in rehearsal like it would live up to high production standards. Choreographer Lindy Alt has a track record of high standards and extracting good quality performance.

The principles have the looks and they can sing. Money has been spent, in particular on getting the rights to sing the original songs.

It opens on December 1 and runs to December 8.