"Re-vegetation project" to improve land management

Eucalyptus flower.
Eucalyptus flower.

Small landholders are being urged to plant native trees. Glen Innes Natural Resources Advisory Committee says it wants farmers with under 200 hectares to be part of a “re-vegetation project”.

GLENRAC says grants will be available but there would have to be at least 200 trees planted. It’s part of a project to “enable better management of our water, soil, vegetation, biodiversity and cultural heritage.”

It says: “Appllications are currently being called and will close on Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

“Successful applicants will: Revegetate with native tree and shrub species; plant blocks, shelter belts or wind breaks with native trees and/or shrubs; protect planted vegetation from livestock with fencing; plant wildlife corridors and riparian buffers; Improve habitat for threatened species.”

For more information, it says: “Contact the GLENRAC office on 02 67323443 or office@glenrac.org.au for an application form or visit www.glenrac.org.au .”