New England Byelection Candidate Profiles

Want to know who is running for the by-election and why? We have profiles on the candidates for the December 2 election for your convenience. 

Click on the white dot on each candidates photo OR find them in the list below. 

Some of the candidate profiles include live questions and answers we streamed on Facebook. Some candidates elected not to participate or were unable to.

The responding candidates have answered questions about why they’re running for the election along with their political history and their heritage. 

They have also highlighted the three biggest issues for the electorate and answered questions and concerns that our readers brought up in the election survey. 

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The countdown is official on for the by-election

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See where the candidates are hailing from in the map below. 

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While the upcoming byelection has the largest field of candidates the New England has ever seen, less than half of them call the electorate home.

According to the Australian Electoral Commission, of the 17 candidates, just eight are registered as living in the electorate, while the remaining nine live outside the seat.

Here are your candidates in ballot order

  1. Richard Stretton (Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)) 
  2. Skyla Shane Wagstaff (Animal Justice Party) 
  3. Andrew Potts (Affordable Housing Party) 
  4. Jeff Madden (Independent) 
  5. Tristam Smyth (Liberal Democrats) 
  6. Dean Carter (Independent) 
  7. Barnaby Joyce (The Nationals) 
  8. WIlliam Bourke (Sustainable Australia) 
  9. Warwick Stacey (Seniors United Party of Australia) 
  10. Rob Taber (Independent) 
  11. Pete Mailler (CountryMinded) 
  12. David Ewings (Labor) 
  13. Donald Cranney (Rise Up Australia Party) 
  14. Peter Wills (The Greens) 
  15. Jamie McIntyre (21st Century Australia) 
  16. Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow (Science Party)
  17. Ian Britza (Australian Country Party) 
All the candidates in ballot sheet order from left to right.

All the candidates in ballot sheet order from left to right.

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