Music-lovers' plan for singing and fun

Cathy Welsford - expert on the ukelele; soon to teach singing.

Cathy Welsford - expert on the ukelele; soon to teach singing.

The dream of a music-lover in Deepwater has come a step nearer reality.

Christine Davis lives and breathes music and she had the idea of forming a choir for the community.

A bunch of friends agreed and now they’ve been awarded a grant to get the music-making venture off the ground.

The $6,330 will go towards a professional conductor to come up regularly from Armidale to take rehearsals. The money will also go towards all the things a choir needs like sheet music, hall hire, insurance and tea.

“The choir is for people to have a connection”, said Christine Davis, “and music is a great way to connect”.

She said that about 30 people had expressed an interest.

The grant came through a state scheme called “Sing Your Age” which State Minister for Ageing, Tanya Davies, said was to “reduce negative perceptions of ageing, improve physical and mental health, and reduce social isolation and loneliness in older people”.

But the choir will also involve school children and anyone between them and the elderly who wants to join. “You don’t have to have an audition. You don’t have to be fabulous”, said Christine Davis. Homes for old people had already expressed an interest.

Christine said she loved music: “I’m a singer myself. I know the joy of singing”.

The idea is that the professional conductor, Cathy Welsford, will come up for workshops which will become more formal rehearsals as choir members get more proficient. She will train the choir and also a choir leader to eventually take over from her.

Christine Davis said the plan was to start workshops in February or March and then put on a concert at the end of next year. 

In the meantime, Cathy Welsford is going to Deepwater to teach the ukulele. A group meet in the hall and strum away. 

In the new year, they will be able to accompany a choir.