Results from Glen Innes and surrounding area

Barnaby Joyce addressing party workers in Glen Innes.
Barnaby Joyce addressing party workers in Glen Innes.

Glen Innes and the area around did not buck the trend across the electorate in the by-election.

In all parts, the overwhelming victor was Barnaby Joyce.

In the electorate as a whole, he secured 64.9 per cent of the first preference votes – and at the booth at the Public School, it was 65.1 per cent (in Grey Street, it was 73.5, 68.6 at Glen Innes West, 65.8 in Deepwater, 63.2 in Emmaville, 87.3 in Ben Lomond and 58.4 in Glencoe).

Where the area did differ from the overall picture was in the strength of the Labor vote. 

In few of the booths around the area did the party approach the 11.2 per cent of the primary votes it got across New England electorate as a whole.

At the Public School booth, Labor’s candidate, David Ewings, secured ten per cent of the vote but that was as good as it got for them. In Glencoe, for example, he got nine per cent but still slightly less than Independent, Rob Taber.

In Emmaville, Labor got six per cent, the same as the Greens but less than Rob Taber, the Independent.