Scones and cake sales help many good causes

Betty Strong.
Betty Strong.

The Country Women’s Association in Glen Innes has reported what it calls a “very good year”.

It’s just opened a new branch to meet in the evening so that women working during the day can attend. Glen Innes CWA President, Betty Strong, said: “Because there are young people and they all work, they’re starting up a branch and they’ll meet in the evening.”

On top of that, it's raised thousands of dollars for a range of good causes, including towards a defibrillator in the Community Centre, the Westpac rescue helicopter, Research into Lymes Disease, Médecins Sans Frontières Australia (Doctors without Borders); St Ivan Bushfire Relief and national CWA efforts on emergencies, disasters and scholarships.

Mrs Strong said that much of the funding was through a cake stall at the Men’s Shed.

The CWA nationally was founded in 1922.  The local branches are heavily involved in raising money for scholarships and medical research.  Betty Strong said: “The CWA is very important to the area.  We lobby government and we raise money for things like drought and flood relief in the state.”

The New South Wales annual state conference next year takes place in Armidale.

The local branch also donated to the Ronald McDonald House at Tamworth and to hospitals in Glen Innes, Tamwort and Newcastle.

Mrs Strong said: “We are grateful for the support given by the Men’s Shed where each month we have a scone and cake stall enabling us to raise funds.”