People who know the owner have come forward

John Cannon with the mystery vehicle.
John Cannon with the mystery vehicle.

Two people have come forward to The Examiner saying they know the woman who left a car in Armidale six months ago but never went back for it.

They say the woman is very shy of publicity but they will approach her to see what she wants to do.

The mystery started when the lady went into Cannon’s car dealership on Beardy Street in Armidale. She seemed agitated after medical treatment in the hospital. According to John Cannon, she said she couldn’t drive back to Glen Innes so could she leave the car there – and that was the last he saw of her six months ago.

He contacted The Examiner and we put a picture of the car in the paper – and people who know the lady emailed us. Now we wait to see what happens when she is told.

One of the odd things about the saga is that John Cannon has her registration document and it lists her as Jeanette Braithwaite. He says the police wouldn’t disclose her address because of privacy concerns – and police don’t ever give out home addresses from registration plates.

Mr Cannon says that when he hears what the lady wants to do, he’ll help. If she doesn’t want to pick up the Suzuki, he’ll buy it off her.

The Suzuki’s plate number is plain to see – YSW699.

Mr Cannon said there was a nurse with her when she left the car. 

He told The Examiner: “The nurse guided her down to me and I said I would only be too pleased to store her car. I haven’t heard a word from her since. I was too stupid to take her details. You might be able to help with a name and address.”

The car remains in good condition. John charges up the battery every so often and makes sure it’s road-worthy.

John himself is elderly and he’s very apologetic for the trouble he wrongly thinks he’s causing with his conscientious concern for the lady.

He thinks he failed to take her details because he hadn’t taken some tablets for an ailment that day.

Watch this space.