Peter Teschner moves to state-of-the art racing bike firm

A leading Australian high-tech company has lured one of the council’s managers away to run one of its divisions.

Titomic works at the cutting edge of metallurgy to create new uses for metals and alloys. It’s at the frontier of technology and science.

It’s announced to the Australian stock exchange that Peter Teschner (currently Glen Innes council’s manager of Tourism and Events) will become the General Manager of the Melbourne company’s Bicycles Division.

Mr Teschner has overseen the growth of festivals in Glen Innes since he took over the council role in 2012.

But away from work, his passion and his world-class skill have been racing bikes. Since starting in Byron Bay in 1990, he’s designed and built bicycle frames that have been recognised globally for their innovation and performance. Some of the world’s top riders sit on Teschner machines.

Now his skills go to the Melbourne company. It said: “Mr. Teschner is one of the most experienced bicycle designers in the industry with over 25 years’ experience. His work with the finest materials has resulted in his peers referring to him as a ‘Master Craftsman’.

“His bicycle frames are considered the Number 1 choice for many of the world’s professional athletes, including World Time Trial champion and Olympic medalist, Michael Rogers, as well as Tour de France winner Cadel Evans for whom he produced a ‘time trial’ bike at a key time during his training.”  

The departure leaves a gap for the council.

As commerce struggles in the town because of the lure of internet shopping and bigger centres like Armidale, and as agriculture employs fewer people with mechanisation, Glen Innes Severn Council has set great store on tourism – on persuading people to head off the New England Highway and spend in Glen.

Mr Teschner has been pivotal to that move. He’s been a large force in the expansion of the Australian Celtic Festival, providing hard facts and analyses, for example, of what brings in the money and what doesn’t.