Vandalism? Malice? A grudge? The police are on the case

Standing - just about (the bolts on the bottom have been loosened).
Standing - just about (the bolts on the bottom have been loosened).

Glen Innes Severn Council is getting increasingly angry at a person (or people) who attack a set of its bollards every day.

Council officials don’t know why the repeated attacks happen but they cost rate-payers money – so they’ve called in the police.

Maybe they should call in a psychologist, too. Do the “bollard bandits”, as the council calls them, have something against bollards – perhaps because of a childhood trauma involving one?

Is it kids?

The two bollards in question are in a short lane behind the Town Hall, leading up to the Visitor Centre. They are bolted down but the attackers unbolt the base and leave them lying on the ground.

They don’t steal them and sell them for scrap metal or anything nefarious like that – just leave them.

The council said: “The Glen Innes Police are asking residents for their assistance in identifying the culprit/s responsible for knocking over the newly installed bollards at the base of the ramp between the Visitor Information Centre and the Town Hall car parks in the Glen Innes CBD.

“Each evening from Sunday 7th to Wednesday 10th January, one of the two bollards have been knocked down.

A screw loose.

A screw loose.

“The bollards are bolted to a secure base so whoever is doing it has the appropriate tools or the necessary brute force!! Each day this week Council’s dedicated concreting team have re-erected the fallen bollard.”

It’s not clear what the police can do except have a word with whoever they track down. Nothing is removed so it’s not theft. Nor are the bollards permanently damaged so it may not be vandalism.