Theft of his mother's prized garden ornament breaks son's heart

Richard O’Dell wants his late mum’s bird bath back.

“I don’t care if they bring it back in the dark of night”, he said. He just wants it back.

He says it was all his mother left him when she died. Richard was in the Services Club on the evening of February 23 when the concrete statues with a bird bath on top was taken from Lang Street in Glen Innes, up near the Show Ground.

He presumes it was a theft of the item to be sold – though not for very much.

the police said they were reviewing nearby security footage. “The garden ornament was heavy with the possibility of more than one offender involved in the theft’, an officer said.

“If you have any information please contact the Local Glen Innes Police or Crime Stoppers. 

“The property was of sentimental value to the owners and they would appreciate its return. “