"Residents will find it easier than ever to complete more than 1,000 different government transactions face-to-face”.

The new Service NSW centre in Glen Innes.
The new Service NSW centre in Glen Innes.

Service NSW in Glen Innes is opening a new office at Mackenzie Mall next to Coles. The current registry on Grey street, opposite the court house, will close to the public with functions switched to the new place.

Adam Marshall, MP, outside the old registry.

Adam Marshall, MP, outside the old registry.

There new centre will open at 9 am on Friday and have the same hours as the old office (9 am to 4 pm on weekdays). 

Service NSW said: “The new Glen Innes Service NSW Centre will replace Glen Innes Motor Registry and bring around 1,000 different transactions to the one, new location at Mackenzie Mall (next to Coles). The motor registry will close at 4 pm on Thursday, March 15.” 

The services offered will include gambling and alcohol permits (RSA and RCG competency cards), seasonal vehicle registrations, licences for firearms, private inquiry agents and the security industry, unregistered vehicle permits and rego and driver licence renewals.

The new office is only a few hundred metres from the old but it has been set up with state-of-the art systems. It also puts life into a corridor which has seen busier days. The new premises are on the site of the old ANZ Bank branch.

Back in November, Mr Marshall said “the prime storefront was chosen after a thorough assessment of a number of locations due to the available space and ease of access for locals.”

He believed the change meant that “residents will find it easier than ever to complete more than 800 different government transactions face-to-face”.

“No longer will you need to spend ages poring over government websites or on hold to a call centre, just to update your details or pay a bill.”

“Service NSW Centres are open for longer than the current RMS registry, employ more local people and offer a far greater variety of services, via a convenient ticketed system”.

Service NSW was launched in 2013 as a way for citizens to deal with government more easily, both online, by phone and face-to-face.

The new modern centres are open-plan with a ticketing system to ensure fairness and with bright colour schemes.