Show at Chapel Theatre was moving and funny and human

William Yang told his story at the Chapel Theatre in Glen Innes on Tuesday evening, and enthralling it was.

He was born and brought up in Australia of Chinese parents but spent the first twenty or so years of his life denying his Chinese heritage. He looked Chinese but felt Australian.

He went to school in northern Queensland and clearly didn’t like it – and why would he when he was subjected to anti-Chinese rhymes?

He decided to explore his background and ended up going to China many times – and there he felt Australian, even as he looked Chinese.

And he is gay so that brought further complication. His show was about his search for himself.

For two days, he had given a workshop at the High School and taught a bunch of bright students how to tell their own stories.

And that they also did at the Chapel Theatre, not so much as a support act but as half the bill.

His show is in Armidale on March 16.