Organisers hope to raise at least $5000

The Glen Innes support group for the Westpac rescue helicopter has held its third annual lamb sale where graziers donate a lamb or two to be auctioned, with all proceeds going to the Helicopter Service. 

Nikki Lee, the organiser, said that on the first year it raised $9000, last year it was $5000 and she hoped for a similar amount this year.

Certainly, there was a lot of interest in the sale-yards.

She is the driving force behind the fund-raising because her son, Thomas, was rushed to hospital within hours of his birth. the helicopter saved the baby’s life.

She said: “Our family has been helped by the helicopter twice, my little boy when he was 16 hours old and my father-in-law. The money that we raise through local fund-raisers like this  goes towards keeping the helicopter flying in our local area and ensuring that nobody has to pay to use the service.”