"Rhubarb and Rosie" delivered 52 bouquets for Mother's Day

Florists had one of the busiest times of the year over the weekend.

Janie Kent, the proprietor of Rhubarb and Rosie on Grey Street in Glen Innes said that her business made 52 deliveries of bouquets in Glen Innes for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

She said they were “very busy”. “There were lots of spoilt mums!”

She’s had a fabulous car parked outside the shop. It’s a FIAT 500 which is so small it can park on the pavement. It’s a two-seater, though you could get a baby in the back.

It is the pride of her father who spotted it in a paddock and did it up into a fabulous orange and cream sheen.

The number plate is ROSIE2, appropriate for a florist to drive.

The market in flowers is one of the wonders of global business. Some carnations and roses are actually flown in from Colombia in South America (which also supplies Europe). You might associate Colombia with drugs but flowers might be more accurate).

If you got roses or carnations on Sunday, reflect on the journey!