Teacher considers resigning from school over assault

Police are investigating an attack after a teacher from Glen Innes High School reported being king hit on the weekend.

The new art teacher at the school, Sam Sharman, has told the Glen Innes Examiner he was at a concert in Wytaliba on Saturday when he was punched to the side of the head.

Mr Sharman’s glasses were broken in what he said was an unprovoked attack.

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He said he hadn’t previously spoken with the attacker who is thought to be in his early 20s.

Others at the event have verified that the unprovoked attack – sometimes called a “king hit” or “coward’s punch” – took place.

Glen Innes Police Station

Glen Innes Police Station

Mr Sharman was being examined for physical injury on Monday. He said he recently had serious surgery on his skull which has left parts of it fragile.

The Examiner understands the alleged assailant was not from Wytaliba but had travelled to the concert from Glen Innes.

While the man was not a student from Glen Innes High School, Mr Sharman said he feared that the man’s motive for attacking him, was because he is a teacher.

After starting less than a month ago as a replacement for a teacher who is away on leave, Mr Sharman is now off work and is considering whether to leave the school altogether.

He said his dilemma stems not just from being attacked but also from it being witnessed by students he teaches.

Mr Sharman and another person who was there at the time went to Glen Innes Police Station to make full statements on Monday morning.

Wytaliba is not known for violence but the police in Glen Innes said recently that they were tough on violent crime.

At least one councillor in the town is concerned that there is a culture of fighting among some young men.

The councillor feels that reporting this attack to the police signals that unprovoked punching is serious crime.