Red Range girl is winning prizes in the beef industry

Lilleah Newberry. An old head on young shoulders.

Lilleah Newberry. An old head on young shoulders.

Lilleah Newberry is barely fourteen years old but her future seems well mapped out.

She’s just won the commercial junior judging contest for her age group at “Beef Australia, 2018”, one of the world’s big events in the industry.

But then, again, it’s not new to her. She’s been learning about beef cattle since she was nine. She has even started her own stud on her parents’ property to the east of Glen Innes.

The competition at the big beef expo at Rockhampton was only the latest milestone in her education in the business of cattle.

She had to judge four pairs of steers for the quality of their meat and commercial value, and that she did with great skill, according to those versed in the industry.

Rachael Hancock of the Australian Red Poll Cattle Breeders society said that Lilleah had been going round shows to learn for about five years under the tuition of her parents who breed the cattle.

Lilleah has a heifer and cow on their property from which she has started breeding.

What she has in particular is the zeal to learn about the industry plus the opportunity through her parents.