Belly Dancing lessons draw avid students in Glen Innes

This town has witnessed surreal events in its time but a belly dancing class in the Masonic hall under a portrait of the Queen of Australia must rank as one of the most surreal.

To add a measure of wonder, it was organised by the town’s Caledonian Society which is also closely related to the town’s German-Austrian Club. A Turkish belly dance was performed by Glen Innes’ own belly-dancing expert.


To begin at the beginning: it all started with the Caledonian Society which was founded by and is largely run by Garek Fysch who came to live in Glen Innes from Brisbane nearly a decade ago. He has ancestry in the German speaking countries and so he is also behind the German-Austrian Club.

As part of the latter club’s celebrations of the German poet Goethe, they are planning a performance of Turkish belly-dancing (don’t ask why).

And that’s where Glen Innes’ principle belly dancer came in. Thirteen years ago, Neleh, as she wants to be known, started learning the exotic form of dancing which involves a lot of wiggling of the hips and belly. It was good fun and the bug stayed with her. She says it’s good physical movement to keep a body a supple and it’s fun.

What is certain is that the fun at Thursday’s session was great and genuine and there are less harmful ways of spending your time. 

Garek has another event on this Saturday at 5 pm when he will provide Breton food at the celebration of the national day of Brittany at the Standing Stones.