Adam Marshall to seek $56,530 from state government

Adam Marshall and the "unsafe" surface.

Adam Marshall and the "unsafe" surface.

The member of parliament for the Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall,  says he’s trying to secure a grant from the state government to resurface two courts at the Glen Innes tennis club.

He said it would need $56,530 to improve the two remaining synthetic courts which need work on them. Two have already been done.

Mr Marshall said: “There is no comparison between the quality of the two newer court surfaces and the older southern courts. The surface is so worn away that the lines now represent a tripping hazard as they stick out above the rest of the surface.

“In places, the court is worn through to the concrete underneath and the old synthetic court is shredding beneath peoples feet – I was able to quite literally lift the surface with my fingers. The surface is also slippery when damp.

“The old southern courts are now so unsafe that the Club, coaches and players avoid them altogether.”

“This is an unacceptable situation for a thriving Club and I’m determined to secure the $56,530 needed to get the upgrades underway.”

“Completing the resurfacing of the two southern courts will give Glen Innes four sand filled artificial grass over courts that are completed to Tennis Australia club standards – meaning they provide maximum safety and are able to withstand the damp conditions often faced by tennis players in Glen Innes, due to the self-draining qualities of the new surfaces,” he said.

“This project is firmly on my radar and I will keep pushing the case for the funding until the cheque is in the hands of the Glen Innes Tennis Club and the new surface on order and on its way.”