Competition at Glen Innes Visitors Centre

Garek Fysch overseeing the bake-off.

Garek Fysch overseeing the bake-off.

The town’s competition to bake a bonnag was won by Sal Molesworth, with runner-up, Mary Hollingsworth. Both work at the Visitors’ Centre.

Following the success of the competition to bake a Cornish pasty earlier in the year, the council’s tourism organisers decided to hold a similar one for the cake-cum-rich-tea-bread from the Isle of Man.

The council Facebook page said: “The Bonnags were judged anonymously and were coincidentally won by our own Sal Molesworth and Runner-up Mary Hollingsworth.

“It was great to see the difference in everyone's interpretation.”

They plan more competitions to make traditional Celtic dishes. The next one celebrates Cantabria on the north coast of Spain. No decision on the dish has been published but the region’s best known culinary concoction is a hearty, thick stew.