Glen Innes High School confrontation leads to accusations

Six people are to face court next month following an incident outside Glen Innes High School in June.

Three adults and three teenagers have been charged with a variety of offences which are alleged to have happened on the afternoon of June 21.

Police officers were called to the school after difficulties there. Outside the school, a confrontation is then alleged to have happened.

The adults – two men and a woman – are alleged to have impeded the police and used offensive language.

The three girls are accused of “stalking or intimidation with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm”.

The charges follow a series of lock-downs in the school where an alarm was sounded and students and teachers retreated to safe, locked rooms. The NSW Department of Education said the lock-downs were to ensure students’ safety. 

Some girls then left the school and were met by police outside. In the high-tension incident, teenage girls were warned by officers that they would be arrested. It appears the students were ordered by the police to sit down along the base of a wall outside the school. 

One of the girls videoed the events which was re-posted on the page of an Aboriginal social media site.

In the video, police officers tell the teenage girls that they are under arrest. Adults arrived later and the confrontation continued. 

One girl said she couldn’t be arrested because she was under 16. The officer said that if they don’t get in the truck, they will be put in “head first”.

The confrontation between police and girls was initially calm. Voices weren’t raised (or not in the section which was videoed). At one stage, an adult voice says: “Just follow the officer’s instructions, please”.

One of the girls appears to swear and the officer then says: “You’re getting one for swearing as well”.

On one account from a person close to the events, some girls had previously been involved in confrontations with other students in the school. 

A witness said girls were going round the school picking on other students. There were complaints of bullying. An order was made that all students should gather inside and doors be locked.

At the time, some of the girls outside the school claimed they had been subject to racist abuse.