Deepwater, Mingoola and Wytaliba celebrate Education Week

You couldn’t hope for a brighter bunch of kids to push technology to the limit.

Just over forty children from three tiny primary school between Tenterfield and Glen Innes came together at Deepwater and learnt about making videos, robotics and three dimensional printing.

It was part of Education Week where schools throughout NSW put a special emphasis on pushing their boundary of knowledge.

The acting principal of Deepwater public school, Rosh Mercer, said the schools were part of a “learning alliance” called the Border Ranges Learning Alliance.

There is a school strategy to promote learning of technology to better fit students for the world of work (and leisure) which is heading towards us (or even already arrived).

Sarah Costa explains how to make a video with a green screen.

“We want kids to focus not on the end product but on the skills they need – the skills they use on the way”, said Rosh Mercer.

“We want them to think creatively and critically”.

The students were given an amazing demonstration of 3-D printing by Reg Trethewey and Tony Ryan of Autobaler, the innovative Deepwater company with a global market.

They also learnt how to make a video using a green screen as a backdrop and then superimposing a background through an app on a computer (it’s what television does all the time).