Face off on Grey Street

Students from Glen Innes High School pushed the boundaries of drama by going on to Grey Street and performing.

They became “human statues” and wore what are called neutral masks – masks with no facial expression – in a tradition which goes back centuries in Italy.

The Glen Innes drama students had a series of mimes and moves worked out where they would stand stock still and then suddenly all move as one at a signal unseen by the audience of passers-by.

They did the kind of frozen statues act like you sometimes see in tourist venues in big cities.

“It’s the white mask that is the starting point”, said drama teacher, Genevieve Byrne. “It’s really about learning how to handle a mask”.

The street performance was striking and attracted attention from curious passers-by. It is also good training in drama – masks have to be worn with a strut and a demeanour of the body – and all without words.