They are chosen for the NSW Drama Ensemble

 Heidi McCormick and Callista Sheridan.
Heidi McCormick and Callista Sheridan.

Two Glen Innes High School students have done really well in state-wide drama competition.

Heidi McCormick and Callista Sheridan have been accepted into The State Drama Ensemble after auditioning via video. They will now join twenty other students from around NSW to perform at the state’s big drama festival in October.

A statement from the school said: “This is an outstanding achievement. Well done”.

Glen Innes High School has a strong tadtion of drama, with a string of students year-in-year-out reaching a high standard and winning a place on the big stages in Sydney where student drama is show-cased.

In January, three students performed at a prestigious Sydney theatre festival.

Lachlan Martin, Emily Walmsley and Tom Macansh were included for “Potential Borrower”, a short play about types of literature which they wrote and performed themselves in the OnStage showcase.

They performed at the Seymour Centre in Sydney which described the works in the series as "programs of outstanding Drama performances from the 2017 HSC”.

At the time, Emily Walmsley said the three had collaborated closely to reach the final work, with each writing his or her own part and then adapting it in discussion with the others.

Their work made it through from 4,000 productions done in schools in NSW as part of the 2017 HSC.

Glen Innes High School drama teacher, Genevieve Byrne, said it was an amazing honour. As an examiner, she tours schools throughout the state, including expensive private schools which have fully-equipped theatres which far outstrip the facilities at Glen Innes, even the Chapel Theatre. And yet, Glen Innes had got through.

Away from competition, the school’s drama department is innovative. A month ago, students surprised passers-by on Grey Street by donning masks and staging a kind of mime.

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