NSW Public Schools Dance Festival: Tamworth, Glen Innes students take the stage

MOVEMENT with a message is the goal of students taking centre stage at the NSW Public Schools Dance Festival.

Formed at a regional dance festival in August, kids from Tamworth, Oxley, Peel, Duval and Glen Innes High Schools have combined forces to take on talent statewide.

“You have to really think about what you want to communicate,” she said.

You have to really think about what you want to communicate.

Breanna McFadyen

“Our concept is that everyone strives to be an individual but at the end of the day you follow the trends and norms of society, no matter how much you try to break free of that.”

All public schools are eligible to enter, but only those who get through a stringent panel assessment can perform.

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The week-long festival will see 1500 students show off their hard work, technical training and creativity.

The local group has had limited time to practice Ms McFadyen said.

“We’ve had three rehearsals,” she said.

“Other schools don’t have to travel the lengths we have to travel so it shows the dedication of students in regional and rural schools.”

The NSW Public Schools Dance Festival is at the Seymour Centre in Sydney from September 10 to 14.

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