Salvation Army and RSPCA organise special event

Major Amanda Choy-Show

Major Amanda Choy-Show

The Salvation Army is organising a special ceremony to bless animals. There will be prayers and a parade of pets.

Major Amanda Choy-Show said the Salvos were inviting people to bring their pets or photographs of pets which had died so they could be blessed. animals had to be “under control”.

She said that there was a possibility that a snake would be brought: “Someone might bring a snake. So long as it’s in a cage.”

Also involved in the event are the RSPCA, Paws (which rescues dogs) and the Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers.

Major Choy-Show said: “We’ll have a time of remembrance.” There would be a board on which pictures of animals could be pinned.

“We will also pray for the farmers because they look after animals. We are going to pray for the vets and those who care for surrendered or abandoned animals”.

It would coincide with the markets on Sunday morning (1030), October 14.

There would be a sausage sizzle.