Show runs from Friday evening

Marjorie Leggett with a bowl carved by Lindsay Smith.
Marjorie Leggett with a bowl carved by Lindsay Smith.

Art on the Corner is opening its Spring exhibition of work by local arts and crafts creators.

The show starts on Friday evening and runs indefinitely.

It’s packed with interesting items of a high quality.

There are carved wooden clocks and beautiful wooden bowls as well as hand-woven scarves and jewellery.

The exhibition follows the successful New England Teapot Show which was formally opened by then Deputy Mayor, Carol Sparks.

The show gave artists, potters and the like the opportunity to explore and interpret the teapot. Others simply brought their favourite esoteric teapot.

The gallery is not-for-profit.

Executive Director of Arts North West Caroline Downer said earlier that community exhibitions are the fabric of regional arts in New South Wales.

“Local community exhibitions like these help to develop arts and culture in regional areas, build a rich cultural landscape, and increase participation of arts and cultural activities,” Ms Downer said.