Anglers launch the new season

The Glen Innes Anglers club have held two Freshwater comps in the new season.

The first was at Glenlyon dam in in conjunction with the Mingoola P&C fishing comp.

We had 13 anglers there unfortunately the fish were hard to find.

There were a few caught Friday but the weekend proved very difficult with only three anglers recording fish.

George Correy took out the overall prize with three fish at 129cm, Toni Stibbard won the ladies with one fish at 46cm and Tony Stibbard took out the secret length. Biggest fish were a 45cm yellowbelly by George Correy and a 54.5cm catfish by Tony Stibbard.

Glen Innes anglers managed to catch a few fish at their annual trip to Lake Keepit.

Glen Innes anglers managed to catch a few fish at their annual trip to Lake Keepit.

The second comp was our annual pilgrimage to Lake Keepit on the October long weekend. We had 17 members including the Farlow boys. 

Once again fishing was really good on Friday with AJ Wiegold landing a 97cm cod.

While fishing with a blade for yellas, there was total chaos with the excitement and George trying to net it, get it in the boat, measure it, take a photo and release it to fight another day.

A storm hit on Friday night and a cool change came through which shut the Yellowbelly down a bit, although Tony Stibbard found a patch were he picked up four nice fish.

Nat Spencer picked up a few European carp off the bank so Stibb decided to try a 5.30am start on Sunday off the bank and caught 13 of the pest species.

The biggest fish for the weekend were Bear Farlow 42cm Silver Perch, Mitch Farlow a 57cm Yellowbelly, Chucky Farlow 67cm Euro, Nat Spencer a 55cm catfish and AJ's 97cm cod. The winners were: overall Tony Stibbard 15 fish at 824cm, Ladies Nat Spencer 13 fish at 720cm and secret length AJ Wiegold.

Our next outing will be on November 10 and 11 at Glenlyon dam.

We will be holding our kids and adult Presentation on Saturday, November 3 at the New England Club with a barbeque lunch starting at 1pm then presentations and down to the club for the nights festivities hope to see plenty of members their.

We have also come up with the initiative of a $1000 BCF voucher to be drawn at the end of next season for members who fish the comps. You will receive a ticket in it when you join and every time you fish a comp. Come on join our club and enjoy our outings to be in the running see you on the water.