Glen Innes clay target club host their first meet for 2019

Event 1 – 25T Handicap shoot-off participants: John Reid, Ben Rumbel (2nd), Greg Burey (1st), Dan Johnson (3rd)
Event 1 – 25T Handicap shoot-off participants: John Reid, Ben Rumbel (2nd), Greg Burey (1st), Dan Johnson (3rd)

Forty-three shooters attended the first shoot for the year for Glen Innes Clay Target on Saturday 5th January on a unusually hot and fine afternoon of 33°C.  This, however, didn’t seem to affect the final results for the day with 34 possibles being shot over the course of the day.

The first event of the day was the 25T Handicap.  Four shooters, Greg Burey, Dan Johnson, John Reid and Ben Rumbel shot the possible.  After 13 target the results of the event were: 1st Greg 30/30, 2nd Ben 37/38 and 3rd Dan 36/38.

Event two was the 25 target Double Barrel Cash Divide.  A surprising 22 possibles were shot with the results being: AA: 1st Neale Smith, Dan Johnson, Terry Rumbel, Tammy Henshall, Brad Henshall, John Reid, Nik McRae, Brett Ford, Joe Marshall, Geoff Baxter, David Edmonds, Ben Rumbel, Graham Dawson, Trevor Miller, Adam Hone, Fletcher Richardson, Graham Sweeney, Jeff Richardson 25/25; A:1st Greg Brunsdon, Don Porter, Margaret Burke, Bill Fletcher 25/25.; B: 1st Robyn Jackson 45/25, 2nd David Schneider, Jo-Anne Ford 23/25; C: 1st Mitchell Stibbard, Ryan Parker 22/25.

The third event for the day was the 25T Point Score Cash Divide.  Another eight possibles were shot in this event with the results being: AA: 1st Dan Johnson, Brad Henshall, Nik McRae, Geoff Baxter, David Edmonds, Graham Dawson, Dave Browning, Adam Hone 75/75; A: 1st Ron Skinner 73/75, 2nd Greg Burey, Ralph Larkings, Barry Sweeney 72/75; B: 1st Jo-Anne Ford 69/75, 2nd Robyn Jackson 64/75; C:1st Cameron Ford, Shannan McCallum 65/75.

The last event of the day was the 25 target Single Barrel Cash Divide which saw another four possibles and the result being: AA: 1st Brad Henshall, Brett Ford 25/25; A: 1st Kerry Young 25/25, 2nd Don Porter, Bill Fletcher, Ron Skinner 24/25; B: 1st Robyn Jackson 25/25, 2nd David Schneider 21/25; C: 1st Cameron Ford 23/25, 2nd Ryan Parker, Richard Sturtridge 21/25.

Overall High Gun winner for the day was Dan Johnson 149/150.

Our next shoot will be our Annual 2-day Sapphire Open Shoot on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3td of February, with practice from 3pm on the Friday afternoon.  Program will consist of: Saturday 9am start: Event 1: 25T Double Barrel Cash Divide, Event 2: 50T Sapphire Wind Farm Championship, Event 3: 50T The Great Central Hotel Double Barrel Championship.  Sunday 9am start: Event 4: 25T Double Barrel Cash Divide, Event 5: 50T Glen Innes Veterinary Hospital Double Barrel Sapphire Event and Event 6: 25T Notely’s Wool Store Point Score Championship. Throughout 2018, the monthly high gun winners are awarded a silver spoon generously donated by the Mactaggart Family.  At the 2-day Sapphire Open Shoot, the silver spoon winners – Dan Johnson, Ben Rumbel, Kerry Young, Nik McRae, John Lisle, Geoff Baxter, Ben Marshall, John Reid and Jeff Richardson will compete for the coveted Golden Spoon donated again by the Mactaggart Family for the overall High Gun winner of the previous year after Event 3 on the Saturday. This event will be hotly contested and anyone wishing to see some great shooting you welcome to stop in for a look or you can follow us on Facebook:  All other enquires contact Kurt Parker - Mobile: 0418 368 868 or Tracey Larkings - Mobile: 0418 786 664.