Glen Innes rugby league home ground set for revamp

Mead Park set to undergo a major face-lift

Mead Park is set to undergo a major face-lift in the next year with a huge project to get underway after the coming rugby league season.

The local sporting ground is home to the Magpies minor and senior league clubs who use the current facilities for training and home matches.

Two new training fields will be constructed on the western side of the current set up, new change rooms and a grandstand between the playing fields will be built, as well as a new irrigation system being put in.

It will be funded by a $471,770 grant from the NSW government as well as fundraising efforts and donations from local sponsors. Glen Innes senior league vice-president Sam Schiffmann has been involved in both clubs in recent years and said the plan is to have separate male and female dressing sheds.

"The dressing sheds are going to support the league tag with everything going forward," he said.

"It was a 1960-build, the old dressing sheds, so the new ones will actually have home and away male and female dressing sheds and an incorporated grandstand over at the main field.

"That way you can play on the first or second field and still have the dressing sheds available whereas at the moment, the minor league kids are changing in gazebos or you are trying to interchange dressing sheds."

Schiffmann also praised plans to add the two additional training fields to Mead Park.


"If you have got more room for the kids to train on you can develop more skills, you are not jammed in a corner," he said.

"Last year we used to have eight teams training at the same time on two fields and then there would be two teams training on off fields.

"Even in senior league, sometimes you are limited with what you can do."

The irrigation system will be set up through fundraising and grants from local businesses to round out the massive improvements.

"We have got one of the wind farms we are getting grants off, Wayne Williams has managed to get one from minor league and one for senior," Schiffmann said.

"One is for the pump shed and the pumps and one is for the tanks.

"What it will basically do is we will have four sprinklers on the top field at Mead Park, off-the-field that can actually do the whole field.

"It is the equivalent of two inches of rain every half hour, the amount of water than can be pumped out."

Schiffmann believes the revamp will not only benefit players on-the-field, but people wanting to come out and watch the Magpies clubs in action.

"It is pretty good actually, it is pretty exciting," he said.

"It is like anything, if you have quality, whether it is facilities or quality players, it is always going attract more interest in the game and in the club as well."

Work won't commence until after the coming season.