Bush author comes to Glen Innes

Famous rural author Kim Kelly is coming to Glen Innes.
Famous rural author Kim Kelly is coming to Glen Innes.

Author Kim Kelly is renowned for diving into the historical details behind her popular novels, and as Glen Innes is soon to discover she loves visiting country towns in pursuit of inspiration.

“I often think I only write novels as an excuse to ferret through piles of ephemera and social trivia,” Kelly said.

The author will be “in conversation” at the maker’s shed in Glen Innes on March 3.

She’s coming for the High Country Handmade showcase. The shed advertises the event as a “great day of artisans, food, music and quality handmade shopping”.

“Participate at a silversmithing workshop and hear creative people talking about their work.”

Kim Kelly is a ghostwriter and book editor with over twenty years’ experience in the Australian publishing industry, yet she still makes time for talking to readers in country libraries.  Her latest book is Lady Bird and the Fox, a Victorian-era novel set in the NSW Central West, where she resides.

“The most common reaction I receive at book talks is appreciation that I’m telling Australian tales,” she said.

“Often, there’s interest in my publishing background, too, so I tend to get a few questions about the nuts and bolts of writing and how to get your work out there.”

Kelly is what’s known as a ‘hybrid author’: one who has titles traditionally-published and who also self-publishes.

“Wherever I go, I love to start a conversation, not just about my stories but about Australian stories generally. Sometimes the chat is quite lively, and whenever we go over time, or I hear readers still chatting as they leave, it gives me such a high.