A new Glen Innes hospital promised on the campaign trail

Adam Marshall.

Adam Marshall.

Glen Innes might get an upgraded hospital - if the Coalition government is re-elected in March.

Nationals Member for Northern Tablelands Adam Marshall announced a $20 million upgrade for the Glen Innes hospital on Monday, featuring a total gutting of the building, and the demolition of the old nurses quarters so it could be redeveloped.

He said that could be used for a new ambulance headquarters or a helipad.

Glen Innes hospital does not have a helipad, and patients are regularly flown out of an oval for medical evacuation. That included the police wounded in January's shooting. Sometimes patients cannot be flown out.

Marshall gave credit to the people of Glen Innes; some 3000 people signed a petition the MP distributed calling for the upgrade.

Mr Marshall said he literally drew the massive petition out of a suitcase and put it on the table in front of Brad Hazzard to convice the health minister it was a huge priority.

"It helps a lot, it really does," he said.

Jan Sharman (middle) couldn't be happier.

Jan Sharman (middle) couldn't be happier.

"It helps demonstrate to the decision makers that this is a priority for the whole community; it's not just Adam Marshall's pet project - here comes Adam again to chew our ear to get funding for another one of his projects!

"This demonstrates that the whole community is behind this.

"People power still does matter, and it still matters at the pinnacle of the process."

He said the funding wasn't contingent on his reelection, but that it was "an election commitment" just like Armidale and Inverell hospitals at the last election.

"That's not being political or partisan that's just a statement of fact. Unless the opposition commit to doing it it won't happen, because you can't build hospitals when you're in opposition."

Adam Marshall also announced government would spend $44,011 funding tourism in Glen Innes, with most of the money going to permanent lighting at the standing stones, and $10,000 going to new TV ads advertising this year's Celtic Festival.