Glen Innes to host another endurance ride

Endurance riding returned to the Glen Innes region last year and is set to be back again this year. 

READY TO RIDE: Last year's endurance ride at Glen Elgin was a success.

READY TO RIDE: Last year's endurance ride at Glen Elgin was a success.

The Glen Innes Endurance Riding Club held an event in Glen Elgin in January last year and have planned another weekend on March 23 and 24 for Red Range. 

The 2018 event saw 20 kilometre and 40km rides take place but this year they will add an 80km ride into the schedule. 

Club committee member Jenny Johansen said the feedback they had from 2018 was excellent.

"Everyone said last year's event was fantastic," she said. 

"A really great atmosphere and lots of fun."

The coming event has already had plenty of interest through the club's Facebook page and Johansen is hoping to attract more riders outside of endurance circles. 

"There has been a fair bit of interest," she said.

"We hope to bring a few people out and get some locals involved as well who may not have tried Endurance before."

The Saturday will see 20km and 40km events before 40km and 80km rides on the Sunday. 

There are also plans in the works to host another ride at the Glen Elgin base later in the year. 

For more information about the ride and how to enter, visit

About endurance: 

Endurance rides are conducted over long distances and, although, they are timed, there is a huge emphasis placed on horse welfare and management. 

Horses are checked over by a veterinarian prior to the ride commencing where the horses temperature, pulse and respiration are recorded, followed by other basic checks including a lameness trot-out test. 

At every phase of the ride, depending on the length, the horses are re-inspected by the vet to ensure they are fit to continue. 

The 20km and 40km events are considered as affiliated training or social rides and are non-competitive.

There is a minimum time participants must be on course for. Endurance rides are 80km and upwards in distance and there is a competitive element to it.