Fire near Torrington being controlled, downgraded to advice

Glen Innes fire teams have been defending properties for several days, getting to grips with the fire.
Glen Innes fire teams have been defending properties for several days, getting to grips with the fire.

Update: Monday morning

The Torrington fire has been downgraded again yesterday afternoon and is no longer on the RFS list of emergency fires in NSW. There are no emergency fires in NSW today.

The fire is now considered under control.

Some 5221 hectares were burned by the fire, which remains at advice level today.

Today's fire danger level for northern slopes is "high", the third lowest category. For New England the fire danger is "low-moderate", the second lowest level (above "none").

Update: 12:0pm

The Torrington fire remains at advice level today, with 4100 hectares destroyed, an additional 696 from yesterday morning. The fire is being controlled.

Wind will continue to come from the east for the next few days. Firefighters have taken the opportunity to do backburning, which will appear like an increase in fire activity to people in Torrington, Stannum and Pyes Creek. Torrington may get smoke and possibly embers blown over it by wind.

Catarrh Creek Road remains closed.

The advice remains the same; put your bush fire survival plan into action or know what you will do if fire approaches if you don't have a survival plan.

Update: 7:08am

The RFS have taken a fire near Torrington further under control, downgrading the blaze to advice from watch and act.

Residents are still advised to take care. The Rural Fire Service says residents in the area of Torrington, Stannum and Pyes Creek should monitor conditions and take advice from firefighters in the area.

Fire conditions continued to ease overnight which has allowed firefighters to undertake a number of backburns across the fireground, which will continue today. An expected wind change will also push smoke back over Torrington.

The backburns may seem like an increase in fire activity.

Even better news this morning, with a wind change expected. Winds are likely to come from the east, shifting from west south west. This will make it easier for firefighters in the area of Pyes Creek.

Catarrh Creek Road remains closed.

Some 3404 hectares have been destroyed by the fire, which is being controlled.


A fire burning in the Torrington State Conservation Area is under control but the Rural Fire Service recommends residents and farmers take care.

The fire is currently at watch and act level, and the RFS advises residents to put their bush fire survival plan into action, or to know what they will do if the fire approaches.

The fire is burning to the north of Torrington Road and to the west of Red Hill Road.

The fire has been burning for several days.

The RFS says some 2950 hectares have been already destroyed, and that fire activity has increased particularly on the north-eastern side of the fire ground. This is generating a number of embers that are falling in the Pyes Creek Area.

Local rural fire teams have been deployed to defend isolated properties in the area and there are firefighters are positioned to protect properties if required.

The fire is heading in an easterly, north easterly direction towards the Pyes Creek and Red Hill Road area, pushed by west to south westerly winds.

The RFS also advises that under these conditions, fires can be difficult to control.

They particularly warned of embers that may be blown ahead of the fire, creating spot fires, which can destroy homes ahead of the main fire front.

Catarrh Creek Road is currently closed.

Landholders in the vicinity of fireground especially along Red Hill Rd should consider moving stock to a heavy grazed paddock with access to water.