Glen Innes Mens shed wins $1500 from Federal government

Glen Innes men's shed is set to receive $1500 from the Federal government.
Glen Innes men's shed is set to receive $1500 from the Federal government.

The Federal government is going to buy Glen Innes' men's shed a new computer.

The organisation yesterday won a $1470 subsidy from the Federal government.

The shed will use the money to do first aid training twice, a food handling course and health and wellbeing events, for tools and equipment and a desktop computer.

The federal government has a national shed development problem - this is it's eighteenth round. It will cost the taxpayer $5.1 million over three years.

Other successful men's sheds in the New England area including the shed in Murrurundi, which will receive $3,500 for events, training and equipment.

The Quirindi shed will receive $5,500 to do some upgrades on the building itself.

Uralla men's shed will receive $3,500 in tools and equipment including routers and power drills.

And the shed in Walcha will spend $4,500 of taxpayer's money upgrading a disabled toilet and their electrical system.

Member for New England, Barnaby Joyce said the sheds play an invaluable community role in the context of drought.

"They offer support to men who need a bit of space and some friendly, easy-going company to work on meaningful projects, while providing a forum for men to talk and take action on their health issues," he said.

"Men are often the last ones to make their health and wellbeing a priority, especially in rural and regional areas like our own. That's why it's imperative we do what we can to ensure they get the assistance they need and deserve."