Aaron Faint sent to jail after leading police on a wild car chase while drunk

Magistrate Michael Holmes

Magistrate Michael Holmes

A man has been jailed for dangerous driving less than a year after being given a second chance by the court for resisting arrest.

Aaron John Faint, 33, was sentenced to a year's jail last week in Glen Innes Local Court, charged with leading police on a wild night-time car chase through back streets while under the influence of alcohol.

He pleaded guilty to an array of charges including resisting arrest in March but sentencing was delayed until this morning to allow him to complete a traffic program.

Faint had previously been sentenced to one year in jail, suspended from March 14, 2018. He was also convicted of breaching his good behaviour bond.

In January 2018, Faint was pulled over by police while travelling in a car with another man alleged by police to be a drug dealer. The duo had three grams of cannabis in their possession in a zip-lock bag.

While being filmed by the other person, Faint refused to allow police to arrest him and told two officers "if you're gunna cuff me you will have to shoot me".

Glen Innes police station.

Glen Innes police station.

He was put on a good behaviour bond and fined $500 for that incident.

From 9.30pm on February 7, 2019 police pursued him after he refused to pull over after they observed him speeding. Driving his Holden Colorado at high speed he narrowly missed a gutter on Macquarie street, continued driving along the side-street of Manns Lane and parked at his house. He fled police on foot but was captured while trying to climb a colour bond fence.

He later admitted to drinking a quarter of a bottle of scotch and appeared drunk.

Magistrate Michael Holmes said there was no other option but to sentence Faint to a custodial sentence. He said the offences were serious and were a risk to the community.

He was given a jail term for breaching his good behaviour bond, another jail term for dangerous driving and a third for driving under the influence of alcohol

He was also jailed for resisting arrest and another for harassing a police officer. He was also convicted of speeding but not given a punishment for that offence.

He will serve all of his jail sentences concurrently which means his substantive sentence is 12-months jail. He will also be barred from having a licence for a year.

Faint will be eligible for parole on October 11, 2019.

A character reference written for Faint by his employer describes him as an "excellent worker" who has had trouble with the law.

"Things will not change in his life if he doesn't seek professional help," read the reference.

"Perhaps sending Aaron to jail will solve his problem.

"I would not be writing this letter but the fact of the matter is with such a shortage of skilled workers in the country area workers like Aaron do not come along often. We have been looking for a skilled worker like Aaron for two years."

Asked why he didn't stop his car, he said he wanted to get his vehicle home.

Police also discovered implements relating to the use of methamphetamine in his vehicle. He said he was trying to give up the drug.